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Welcome to Life Taught Me To Die, a brand spanking new role play set in the fictional town of Hudson's Hollow. With war declared, the town is only now, two years on getting back on it's feet and we would love for all of you to join us on our journey as we discover all the deep dark secrets lurking in the dark.

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• This CBOX is to be used for In Character Chat only!
• The cbox is set in a bar and we like to believe it's magic! It always has what you want, be it a juke box or guitar hero! The bar always has waiters (what decent magic bar doesn't?!) There's rooms upstairs where you can sleep (or not sleep) and a pool out back.
• This CBOX doesn't constitute activity, so please make sure you're still posting as well.
• Poor conduct in the ICC box could result in consequences.

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